Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

How Do I Place An Order? There are multiple ways to place an order. A Place the Order by Phone at 502-442-7648.  B Place the Order by Fax at 502-962-1251.​  C Place the Order by Email on JJDISTRIBUTORSLLC@GMAIL.COM D Place the Order when your Sales Person comes to your location on a certain day.​  E Place the Order over the Internet - Online at ORDERMETHIS.NET  You required your Customer Number and Password.​ Step by Step instruction to Place the Order online: 1. Go to ORDERMETHIS.NET Type in Distributor ID as "JJD201211" (MUST BE IN CAPITAL - CASE SENSITIVE) Type in your Customer ID as your Customer Number. (Call if you don't have one) Type in your Password provided by JJ Distributors LLC. (Call if you don't have one) Click on "Login". For futher instructions or more information, please call customer service.

Can I order through this website?

No, not at this time. Phone: (502) 442-7648 email: info@jjdistributor.com